Past concert dates of Nuestros Derechos live shows
So long and thanks for all the fish
No new shows We're on indefinite hiatus Hope you had as much fun as we did!


Past Nuestros Derechos concerts
Date Venue, city Additional info
06-20-2014 Mittenwalde, Germany Final show at Karpfenteich Open Air
01-05-2013 Oostende, Belgium Check the flyer
06-09-2012 Culemborg Vincent's birthday bash (winner of our cd release promo action)
12-16-2011 Remake, Utrecht For invitees only
11-12-2011 dB's, Utrecht Utreg Metaol Fest, with Bloodgod, Intrusion and Engorge. Check the flyer
11-05-2011 Huize Spoorloos, Emmen with Elendstouristen
11-01-2011 Multipleks/Sub071, Leiden with Elendstouristen and Mama Muerte
10-13-2011 Café Flitz, Utrecht with Soulecy and Kamikaze. Check the flyer
09-24-2011 Bomvrij Hospitaal, Hellevoetsluis Jamel's and William's birthday bash
05-21-2011 JKC Nirwana, Dronten With De Kooks and Bulldozer. Check the flyer
05-14-2011 De Groote Weiver, Wormerveer check the flyer
04-30-2011 Bomvrij Hospitaal, Hellevoetsluis Queen's Day Festival, with Alter Dog, Straight Unicorn, Machete Massacre, Heavy Lord, Faith Ends Here. Check the flyer
04-15-2011 AZ Mülheim, Mülheim/Ruhr (Ger) Pogosucht & Punkerzucht Festival
03-25-2011 Exit, Rotterdam with Librium
03-19-2011 Café De Trap Af, Papendrecht with Mental Captivity
02-19-2011 A Supreme Collection of Underground Metal Fest, Oostende (Be) With Dawn Of Crucifixion, Always Fallen, Sleepless Malefice, Suada, Deliberate Jeopardization and Fading Bliss
01-29-2011 AZ Mülheim, Mülheim/Ruhr (Ger) check the flyer
01-28-2011 Coma F (Köpi), Berlin (Ger) with Vals
01-26-2011 JC Cerberus, Hengelo check the flyer
12-18-2010 The Basement, Voorschoten with Warmaster
12-17-2010 TexMex, Spijkenisse X-Mas Metal Festival with Librium, Twister of Truth and Exploded
05-11-2010 De Vinger, Den Haag check the flyer
10-22-2010 Bar 545, Ede canceled
09-11-2010 Peppel, Zeist Hard uit het Hart metal festival with KhaoZ, Disquiet and Polydrone
08-13-2010 Rockcafé Asgard, Beverwijk with Skeletons of Society (SOS)
07-16-2010 Possible Esther's birthday bash, ACU, Utrecht with Tense=Reaction and Dum Dum Fever
06-17-2010 Piratenbar, Scheveningen with Batemanfamily
06-12-2010 Bar 545, Ede canceled
05-15-2010 Gonz, Gouda with When All Life Ends
05-01-2010 K '77, Woerden with Bag Lady and Better Left Burried
04-29-2010 Onderbroek, Nijmegen Benefit festival for Koppenhinksteeg
03-20-2010 De Greef, Lisse Almost Easter Metal Fest
03-06-2010 Het Podium, Hoogeveen Check the flyer
02-20-2010 JC M!x, Wolvega Brutal Wake Up 3. Check the flyer
02-06-2010 De Ondergrondse / Het Zwarte Water, Zwolle with Vals and The Farts
02-06-2010 De Koevoet, Antwerp Fred Front's B-Day Blast. Check the flyer
30-01-2010 OJC Solution, Hillegom with Aviva, The Artifact and Buxem Prime
12-19-2009 Yumbo, Bunnik with Blowtorch. Check the flyer
12-18-2009 Baroeg, Rotterdam with Magnetron and Gama Bomb. Check the flyer
11-21-2009 JC De Poort, Dongen with Unas and Toxo Plasm
10-24-2009 Odeon, Veldhoven with Magnetron
10-23-2009 Rock-o-theek The Cave, Amsterdam with Hicsos and No
10-10-2009 De Kade, Zaandam Bullshitparty 4
01-10-2009 Simplon, Groningen with Karbo and Foul
09-17-2009 Skatepark Waalhalla, Nijmegen with GBO and Genozid
09-02-2009 Bar Kwatro, Alphen aan den Rijn Kluut's wedding bash
08-28-2009 Piratenbar, Scheveningen with Witness The Fall and Hilton Dive
05-22-2009 Rock-o-theek The Cave, Amsterdam Check the flyer
05-16-2009 't Skoffeltsje, Heerenveen with Swim or Drown
05-15-2009 Bar De Dokter, Harlingen with Mundane and Intoxication. Check the flyer
05-09-2009 Benefit festival at Loose End, Reeuwijk Check the flyer
05-08-2009 Flinty's, Haarlem With Albino Cocks from Hell. Check the flyer
05-02-2009 AZ Mülheim, Mülheim/Ruhr (Ger) with Nuke-Strike, PNS and Paranoya. Check the flyer
05-01-2009 Treffen der Wandergesellen, Schwäbisch-Fränkischen Wald (Ger) with Jede Woche Anders
04-30-2009 Club Alpha, Schwäbisch Hall (Ger) with Attentat Sonore and Sideburn Sweat. Check the flyer
04-29-2009 From Dusk Till Dawn, Assen canceled!
04-18-2009 Musicon, Den Haag with Apparition and Evil's Desire
04-11-2009 De Gonz, Gouda with Six Eleven
03-28-2009 Dormibella, Leidschendam with Esion
03-13-2009 Fabrik, Cologne (Ger) Massive Strings Festival, check the flyer
02-26-2009 rockcafé Lazarus, Leiden Check the flyer
02-14-2009 Music-cafe Smiley's, Brunssum with ZOD and Fehler. Check the flyer
12-31-2008 Fuck New Year's Eve Fest, De Koevoet in Antwerp (Be) with Versus, Black Tartan Clan, Lower Class Rats etc. Check the flyer
12-14-2008 Gluren bij de Buren, Amersfoort with poet Herman van Lunen
12-13-2008 Huize Spoorloos, Emmen with Insatiable and Mirdyn. Check the flyer
12-10-2008 De Kargadoor, Utrecht by Basta and Vrijbit. Check the flyer
11-22-2008 Eviction party Anarres, Dordrecht with Raised By Drunks, Hass Und Gewalt, Noctophyle, Hysteria, Terror Defence, Power Is Poison a.o.
10-31-2008 Halloween at Lex-noise, Dordrecht with Noctophyle and more
10-25-2008 JC De Mix, Wolvega canceled
10-10-2008 Motorclub 't Hok, Schiedam with Librium
09-27-2008 Fort bij Vechten, Bunnik Fake & Eva's wedding bash
09-27-2008 Boothill Saloon, Utrecht Gaby's birthday bash
09-19-2008 ACU, Utrecht with De Waonzin (reunion) and Dead Weights. Check the flyer
08-08-2008 Café Asgard, Beverwijk with Skeletons of Society (SOS) and Plough. Check the flyer
08-07-2008 Stairway to Heaven, Utrecht Summer Darkness, feat. Clan Of Xymox, Gotterdammerung, Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, Lacrimas Profundere, The 69 Eyes, The Vision Bleak and Within Temptation a.o. Check the flyer
07-20-2008 Tivoli-De Helling, Utrecht Pit-stop metal festival, check the flyer
07-19-2008 De Kajuitbar, Schiedam with Librium. Check the flyer
06-10-2008 Sub 071, Leiden with Astpai (AT)
05-26-2008 Anarres, Dordrecht canceled
05-24-2008 Rock- & metalcafé; De Dokter, Harlingen canceled
05-23-2008 't Ukien, Kampen with Bacchus (UK). Check the flyer
05-17-2008 The Little Cave, Rotterdam with Librium and Blindfolded
05-16-2008 Oefenbunker, Landgraaf with Chain of Dogs and ZOD. Check the flyer
04-26-2008 Café 't Avontuur, Dordrecht with Chain of Dogs
04-17-2008 dB's, Utrecht with Disquiet and Kumshot Diesel (FR)
03-28-2008 ACU, Utrecht cd presentation with Deliterious and Headhaunter. Check the flyer
02-23-2008 Bastille withalfest, Schoonhoven with Cypher, Massive Assault, Conorach, Warmaster, Non-Divine and Superbutt. Check the flyer
01-12-2008 JH 't Kompas, St. Niklaas, België with Visions of War, Uitschot, Galbak, Koncept and Havoc. Check the flyer
01-17/20-2008 NAMM, Anaheim, California  
01-05-2008 Panddemonium, Antwerp (Be) with 't Vettig Front. Check the flyer
01-04-2008 dB's, Utrecht CD-releaseparty van Pleurisy. Check the flyer
12-26-2007 A Very Heavy X-Mosh festival Metal Front Coevorden. Check the flyer.
12-16-2007 Gluren bij de Buren, Utrecht (Semi-)akoestische thrashcore in de woonkamer
12-15-2007 OJC de Werf, Sint-Oedenrode with Said and Done and Blooddrenched
12-08-2007 WPC Ned Drie, Wateringen with Balthazar and Devious
11-30-2007 N201, Aalsmeer with Cilice
10-26-2007 Groen Front! benefiet, ACU, Utrecht with d'Onderhond and Possible Subject
08-10-2007 Panddemonium, Antwerp (Be) with Chain of Dogs
08-02/04-2007 Wacken Open Air (Ger) Camping gig :-) with Cenotaph
07-07-2007 Hell's Kitchen @ dB's studio's, Utrecht. with Hymir, No Consent (Northgate), Cutting Daisy, Zone and Fentanyl
07-06-2007 De Plu, Heerlen with Chain of Dogs and Serpent Steel.
07-01-2007 Anarres, Dordrecht with Squash Bowels (Pol)
06-16-2007 dB's studio's, Utrecht with Profane, Eadwulf, Grasmoajer and Ceremony of Opposites. Check the flyer.
06-01-2007 Escape, Veenendaal Halve finale Gulp. with Furistic, Ambulant and Hadrie. Check the flyer.
05-26-2007 Crasspub/B-Hof, Chemnitz (Ger). with Karaktermoord and Tunguska
05-25-2007 AZ Conni, Dresden (Ger). with Karaktermoord and Framestar
05-13-2007 Electron, Breda Protest Festival, with Anarcasticats (Be), The Usual Suspects (Be), Opvoeding, TBC and An X tasy (Por)
04-13-2007 Generation, Warmond with Esion, TBC and Provoke
03-31-2007 Mikado JC, Zwijndrecht with All In The Game
03-10-2007 Gaggenau, Archimedesbaan 22, Nieuwegein squat benefit: Mexican Holiday, Mistake,The Shining and Nuestros Derechos als headliner ;-)
03-03-2007 Sojos, Maartensdijk final Geheim van Maartensdijk. With Decker, Jim Offermans Band and Speechless
02-10-2007 JC De Dukdalf, Wieringerwerf with Circle J. Check the flyer
01-27-2007 WPC Nederland 3, Wateringen with TBC.
01-18/21-2007 NAMM, Anaheim, California.  
01-13-2007 Living room concert Birthday bash Erwin, Utrecht
01-05-2007 ACU, Utrecht with TBC, Galbak and Money Power.
12-17-2006 Gluren bij de Buren,Llux in Utrecht Cultural Sunday. Shows at 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00 hours
12-16-2006 Raise Your Fist 2 festival at Metropool, Hengelo Anti-racism festival with Vals, Iedereen Zooo Jotje and Galbak.
12-08-2006 Rockclub The Cave, Amsterdam with Esion
11-18-2006 Sojos, Maartensdijk Grote Utrechtse Live Prijs / het Geheim van Maartensdijk
11-01-2006 ACU, Utrecht Benefietshow with Green Shades and Annunaki Revenge(Sp)
10-27-2006 Lexnoise, Dordrecht. Halloween Party with Offhanded and Easy
10-21-2006 Annares, Dordrecht. canceled!
10-13-2006 Magnifiosi, Lisse. with T.B.C., Provoke and Esion
10-07-2006 Rockbarak Nirwana, Dronten with T.B.C., Galbak and Provoke. Check the flyer.
09-29-2006 Little Devil, Tilburg. with T.B.C., Provoke and Esion
09-16-2006, Thrashfest G16 Leipzig (Ger) with T.B.C., Koexistenz (Ger) and Sick Terror (Bra)
09-15-2006 Autunomen Wohn - und Kulturzentrums Köpi, Berlin (Ger) Germany with T.B.C. and Police Bastard (UK)
09-14-2006 Kellerloch, Berlin-Friedrichshain (Ger) with T.B.C. and Riot Cop (VS)
09-08-2006 Rataplan, Bilthoven with Provoke and Esion
09-03-2006 Villa Vrugtbar, Zeist with MVD and Lies Feed the Machine (Ger). Check the flyer.
09-02-2006 De Bakkerij, Castricum with Provoke and Esion
07-21-2006 Flinty's, Haarlem with T.B.C. and No Hoodlums
07-14-2006 Crust camping and fest at Anarres, Dordrecht. Benefiet voor Stichting Woonstrijd with o.a. Horrorshow Destruction (Fr), Jesus Cröst, Link, Vals, The Usual Suspects (Be), Bakfiets Boys
07-12-2006 The Frontline, Gent, Belgium Dierenbenefietfestival, with T.B.C., Tyran, Koncept and Anarcasticats .
30-06-2006 De Franse Bulldog, Scheveningen with Provoke and T.B.C
05-20-2006 Big Bear, Krimpen aan den IJssel with T.B.C., All in the Game and meer
05-13-2006 De Groote Weiver, Krommenie with T.B.C. and Provoke
05-07-2006 Braveheart Punk Fest 5, Het Muziekcafé, Kerkrade. with Under The Bonnet, On Fire, Nice Mom and meer
04-29-2006 Q-day Festival in het Bomvrij Hospitaal, Hellevoetsluis with Spacebar, 50 Percent Off, OneShot/OneKill, Rene SG, Jesus Cröst, Vulgar Faction, FKA, Shaggable Sluts and Noctophyle. Free entrance! Check the flyer.
03-17-2006 Muziek-/theatercafé Mach in Hellevoetsluis. With Mr. Poh, Alister, Screech, Teaser
03-10-2006 N201 in Aalsmeer. Thrash Award 2006, with Fart Farmers, SDD and Provoke. Check the flyer
02-18-2006. Mukkes in Leeuwarden with T.B.C. and Noctophyle
02-11-2006 Parkhof in Alkmaar with T.B.C. and De Waonzin
12-23-2005 ACU, Utrecht with De Waonzin, Reign Of Bombs (Zwe) and Money Power
12-10-2005 De Holle Bolle Gijs, Schoonhoven with T.B.C. and De Waonzin. Check the flyer
12-09-2005 Occi, Amsterdam with T.B.C., Galbak and Vera Fisher (Br)
12-03-2005 Trashfest, Hoogeveen with Gewapend Beton, Rupsband, Blood I Bleed, Krush, Fubar, Rat Patrol, Narcosis (UK) and Sin Dios (Sp). Check the flyer
11-25-2005 Het Avontuur, Dordrecht. canceled
11-12-2005 JC Elektra, Sliedrecht Met Nox Aeterna, Sephiroth and Arminius. Check the flyer
10-22-2005 Flatertheek, Naaldwijk 35 years of De Flaat, with T.B.C., Five Years Later and Black Cloud Halo
09-23-2005 Mukkes in Leeuwarden Rat-pack benefit. Check the flyer
09-16-2005 De Max, Alphen aan de Rijn Rat-pack benefit. With Galbak, and Brand en Opstand
09-10-2005 squat Intermezzo, Nieuwegein with Ethereal, Possible Suspect, Lushus, Zone a.o.
09-03-2005 Occultfest, Hoogeveen With Enraged, Izegrim, Pulverizer, Carnal Leftovers, See My Solution, Toxocara, Screamin Deamon, Desaster and Holy Moses a.o.
07-30-2005 Starsound Studios, Utrecht with T.B.C. Check the flyer
07-16-2005 benefit forHet Zwarte Gat, Groningen with Link, Stank, File Under Shane and T.B.C.
05-06-2005 De Franse Bulldog, Scheveningen with T.B.C., FrustHatred e.a.
04-30-2005 Queen's day festival Lexnoise, Dordrecht with Complex, J.A.R.D., RotVanDeDam, Headhaunter and Hooftpijn
04-08-2005 De Brouwerij, Hengelo kraakbenefiet with Scum '04, Animosity, Jobcrusher and T.B.C. Check the flyer
04-01-2005 De Nixx in Krommenie with Last Fear and Laboratory Sickness
03-27-2005 Sloopzondag @ café De Docter, Zwolle with Toe Ticklin' Tortilla Veterans (TTTV), T.B.C, Intensive Care, Locked & Loaded, Educational Chaos and Mr. Whizz and his Country Cassanova's
03-26-2005 De Bastille, Schoonhoven with Laboratory Sickness. Check the flyer
02-26-2005 Metal Massacre @ JC Elektra, Sliedrecht with Momento, The Bubonic Plague and Twister of Truth
02-11-2005 ACU, Utrecht PUSCII benefit with Reverendsgang
01-22-2005 StarSound Studios, Utrecht Geheim van Starsound, halve finale with Djar, Zork, Backwater and OctavePussy
01-15-2005 Bar & Boos, Leiden with T.B.C.
01-08-2005 De Holle Bolle Gijs, Schoonhoven Benefit for the victims of the tsunami in Asia. With T.B.C. and Scum '04. Check the flyer
12-26-2004 squat Palinghuizen 144 in Gent, België with Mary Bell, Nahende Vernichtung, Fart and Ditritus
12-11-2004 squat Laagraven 63/65, Utrecht/Nieuwegein with Rats (België), Radio Bikini and Jobcrusher
12-05-2004 De Escape, Veenendaal Inside Knowledge Sinterklaas Bash with Incarnate and Painted Smile
11-27-2004 StarSound Studios in Utrecht Geheim van Starsound, with a.o. Try Drowning and Crystal Mountain
11-20-2004 't Wijkhuis (ex-'Kronkel') in Wijk bij Duurstede with Xerpentor and Warchitect
10-28-2004 dB's in Utrecht with Kamikaze and The Fatals. Check the flyer
10-24-2004 Utreg Punk Festival, squat bar De Kortsluiting, Utrecht Check the flyer
10-08-2004 Lexnoise, Dordrecht with T.B.C.
10-02-2004 squat bar Rock-Inn aan het Rokin, Amsterdam with Los Dolares (Venezuela)
09-30-2004 squat bar De Storing, Utrecht with De Waonzin and Les Kro (Frankrijk)
09-11-2004 Bastille in Schoonhoven canceled
09-10-2004 Solid Punkfest, Starsound Studios Utrecht with T.B.C., Southern Way and De Waonzin. Check the flyer
09-03-2004 ACU, Utrecht with T.B.C., Artery (Bulgaria) and Superbutt (Hungary)
07-02-2004 café Het Avontuur in Dordrecht with Scarabee
05-16-2004 kraakcomplex Villa Friekens, Amsterdam Noord canceled
05-09-2004 squat bar de Kortsluiting in Utrecht with Matka Teresa and Deformed (Poland). Check the flyer
04-24-2004 Chipolata in Houten System of Anarchy (SOA), Chipolata's annual punk festival, with Black Vampire and Kamikaze
02-28-2004 squat bar De Onderbroek, Nijmegen with Just*Us, check the flyer
02-14-2004 Het Podium in Hoogeveen with Propagator, Blood Bastards, The Kickers and Burn The Elite
01-31-2004 Bastille in Schoonhoven check the flyer
01-24-2004 Starsound Studios, Utrecht Geheim van Starsound, with Djar, Little Sweet Lilly, Twisted, SiC and Glowstar
01-08-2004 Plexat, Heemstede Thrashfest with Gilgamesh
12-28-2003 Tivoli/De Helling, Utrecht Plankgas Punk cd presentation with Right Back Edje, Tra I Matti, Mihoen e.a.
12-20-2003 't Wijkhuis (ex-'Kronkel'), Wijk bij Duurstede From Beyond Fest, metal festival with Zone, Kamikaze, Kainam, Engorge and The Embodiment.
11-08-2003 Starsound Studios, Utrecht Geheim van Starsound with Snatchin' Jenny, Tuna, DooA and Inumane
08-30-2003 De Pit in ACU, Utrecht with Blair Bitch Project, Grindpad, Kainam and Grasmoajer
03-29-2003 Bastille, Schoonhoven with A Day's Work
03-21-2003 De Peppel, Zeist with Backfire!
03-02-2003 Starsound Studios, Utrecht Plankgas Punk festival with Circle-J, Rightback Edje, Tra I Matti, BgR and Mihoen a.o.
02-15-2003 Starsound Studios, Utrecht Finale van de voorrondewinnaars van het Geheim van Utrecht. Met a.o. Grasp!, The Shenanigans and Djar
01-30-2003 Peppel, Zeist Donderslag, with Wrong Direction
12-28-2002 Starsound Studios, Utrecht Geheim van Utrecht, with Omega Red, Djar and Anti-Gone a.o.
12-27-2002 ACU, Utrecht Punkavond with Confucione (Italy)
12-07-2002 De Kade, Zaandam with Descended and Laboratory Sickness
11-06-2002 Open air show behind Utrecht's city council Benefit for De Helling, also with Het Vervolg, BGR and djs
10-20-2002 Starsound Studios, Utrecht
09-??-2002 Starsound Studios, Utrecht
09-02-2002 ACU, Utrecht De Pit metalnight, with Bloedhoest
12-21-2001 Moira, Utrecht Het Uur U, with Catchfly, D'Upyoghurted, Harmless, Manzahtoo
10-12-2001 Star Sound Studio's, Utrecht Nuestros Derechos' live debut, with DFD and Moonshine



Guitarist and lead vocalist Jerry rocking hard on stage at a Nuestros Derechos live show, photo by Bart van Rongen


Bassist and lead vocalist Janet rocking hard on stage at a Nuestros Derechos live concert, photo credit:


Drummer and backing vocalist Johnny rocking hard on stage at a Nuestros Derechos live gig, photo credit: