Nuestros Derechos - relentless thrash metal from Utrecht, the Netherlands



Reviews of 'Struggling with the Dark' and other critiques

"Third on stage were Nuestros Derechos and definitely the surprise of the evening. Even though I have heard about the band before I did not expect them to be this good." (...) It has the energy and crowd participation of punk bands, but has the riffing and sound quality of early thrash bands. They blend this mix with some hardcore and then put their own touch on it."
- (September 2010)


(...) An incredibly fat, aggressive, ponderous, but above all energetic sphere with lots of old-school vibes. Riffs galore send you back in time when early Metallica, Megadeth and Exodus introduced thrash for the first time. Extremely recognizable, but fortunately no gratuitous copy.
- Metalkrant (January 2010)


The basis on their music lies firmly in late eighties thrash, ancient death metal and a clear hint of crossover. Lead vocalist Jerry has a lot in common with early day Messhuggah while Janet clearly screams with an eighties underground punk punch to it. On Insomnia and Nazgûl the two-way vocals also really give the composition an extra push. (...) Hopefully this release is an omen of marvellous things to come. Absolutely good enough to make one curious - 75%
- (October 2009)


The music is well executed and creative, and by that I mean this is true thrash metal that should satisfy anyone into Deathrow and Mekong Delta, but also doesn’t feel like a cookie cutter cliché of 80’s metal. This is a band that obviously worships oldschool thrash, but knows how to implement modern elements and different styles without betraying the thrash metal legions.(...) Recommended.
- Thrashmonger Reviews Blog, #5 (August 2009)


With a name that rings with a Spanish tinge, Nuestros Derechos hail from Utrecht in The Netherlands and play straight up Thrash Metal and prefer to dialogue life as they see it. (...) So what is on offer here is seven tracks of an old school style. Thrash Metal is an art form sometimes that can be overlooked but here this Dutch band come wading in with their massive sledge hammer riffs and gravel like vocals.
- Evil Inquisition (July 2009)


They have the touch of the old Thrash Metal school. Maybe during the 70s or the 80s, which is something I find very interesting. I really recommend this band if you wish to go back with time to the ‘real’ Thrash metal of the 70s and the 80s. (score: 8.5 out of 10 points)
- (May 2009)


The seven songs on 'Struggling With The Dark' are nicely varied, well played and feature a sweet production. (...) The result is a lovely old-school sound that, although not particularly original at first hearing, is very authentic. All I have to add is the cliche that, even though this is a fine cd, Nuestros Derechos is probably a band you should see at a sweaty squat hole.
- (February 2009)


We can hear echoes of old Metallica, Sepultura, Hatebreed and Slayer. Still the band does not copy them, but certainly add their own Dutch Thrash flavour. What makes this band interesting is definitely the extraordinary drumming by Johnny. It looks like this guy is fighting with a huge army of Nazguls while beating his kit. (7 out of 10)


This band brings a bit more than 20 minutes of Thrash Metal in 7 songs. Thrash Metal played at mid- and up tempo speed, with lots of grooves and some nice solos. (...) The up-tempo riffs, on songs like Nosferatu and Nazgul are quite impressive. (...) Keep on going Nuestros Derechos!!
- (October 2008)


The galoping rhythm and simplicity bring forward strong traces of punk and hardcore. Janet and Jerry split lead vocals on some tracks. One of them, “Deimos”, is sung in Dutch. The frantic song “Nazgúl” is based on the Ringwraiths from Lord of the Rings. (...) In any case, “Struggling With The Dark” presents strong compositions and will not disappoint Thrash Metal adepts. (7 out of 10)
- Horns Up magazine, nr 3 (Oct/Nov 2008), p 32


They are infected by the 80's and the 90's period, but as a formation they possess a energy of our time, and also they threat own songs through a modern view. Songs are mostly done in faster-up tempo, and it's important to say that band also has offered a clear lyrical attitude. Their songs sound absolutelly realistically and raw, without any polished moments. "Struggling With The Dark" coveres them as a convinceble act with a clear and distinct message. (8 out of 10)


The band's roots are both in classic thrash/metal, and in punk/hardcore. The latter doesn't leave too much traces, however, apart from a slice of influence in the vocals and pumping drumbeats. 'Struggling with the Dark' is rather a hybrid of thrash and melodic death. (...) Just because of their simplicity, the riffs prove effective, with undeniably catchy tunes. I know that the next song I'm about to hear will use the same kind of musical approach, breaks and structure - but these tracks are songs stripped to the essence of groove and melody.


(...) The vocals of singer and bassist Jet add variety to the whole. In particular I like the drum parts on this album; very nice, very fast (...) The lyrics are very varied and deep. If you like well-considered thrash metal, you should add Nuestros Derechos to your collection.
- Carnage Metal Magazine


This third release of the Dutch power trio Nuestros Derechos [Our Rights] has to catch your attention if you're into old Metallica and Megadeth. The riffs are catchy and effective, there is a passion in the performance that is rare these days, and the whole is well composed. (...) Believe in yourselves, don't be afraid to be adventurous, you have a lot of meaning to give to the world of music! (78 out of 100 points).


“Struggling With the Dark” just seemed like it was destined for greatness! And songs like "Spam" (a song made up entirely of content found in all too common internet spam) and “Nazghoul“ (a little ditty inspired by the Ring Wraiths in JRR Tolkien’s "Lord of the Rings"), only further my point. So, if you like brutal thrashcore with a variety of interesting topics and tandem raging male/female vocals, then go pick up 'Struggling With The Dark'. Your ears will thank you! - :)
- e-metal reviews


The hardcore/metalcore influences are too strong for this to be thrash-revivalism proper - the fact that it's mastered by Alan Douches (Unearth, Converge, Hatebreed) brings out the 'core in them even further. Despite this, the band make a big deal of their 80s influences, and the influence of early Testament provides the backbone for their sound. This combo of breakneck tempos, screamed vocals, and syncopated natural minor riffs is hardly new - the Swedes have been at it since the mid-90s - but ND at least provide enough quality moments to keep die-hard fans of this sort of melodic-deathrashcore interested.


Nuestros Derechos has grown as a band and are working well together. Their thrash, hardcore, punk has created a life of its own, more than other metalcore formations. (...) “Struggling With The Dark” is loud and uncompromising and while I listened I found myself continually increasing the volume. It sounds more awesome the louder you play it on your stereo.(...) Kick ass riffs, insane beats and lots of intensity! It gave me chills running down my spine! (81 out of 100)


You've got talent, the self produced record 'Struggling with the Dark' makes it obvious (...) Keep going, you're on the right track. We'll be watching you.
- Aardschok magazine br 8/9 (August/September 2008)


What we have here is loud aggressive and fast metal while vocals from lead Singer/Guitarist Jerry resembles a very punk and hardcore style of singing. The band also now how to play an instrument with some excellent riffs and solos on display here. (...) The bottom line is the album sounds great and has a 100 % thrash feel to it mixing hardcore and punk influences. This actually works out very well indeed. If you like your thrash and hardcore singing this little album will be for you. Recommended!!! (4 out of 5)


This band is bound to the DIY (Do It Yourself) principle, which I respect very much. They're influenced by thrash bands and bands from the hardcore punk scene. So they deliver a mix between thrash and hardcore, simply called thrashcore. Or crossover thrash if you insist. (...) It sounds great! (75 out of 100)


Thrash, old-school perhaps, but oh how joyfully mixed with punk/hardcore. It grabs your head and leaves you no loophole, what a treat! Yes, I repeat, what a treat to hear these thrash riffs always executed on the razor's blade with their sharp groove and their small subjacent Kreator side. Thus that, uncut and not-stop with vocals that are either male, hoarse and shrieking, or female with our screaming bass player who pretends she's Candace (Walls Of Jericho). (...) They offer a certain well felt originality and our Dutchmen's procedure approaches Municipal Waste a little. Last but not least they pump new blood in old veins in quite a beautiful way. Lyrically, they struggle with the dark (sic) but do thay rather well and we are splashed by devastating truths. (9.5 out of 10)
- (August 2008)


Despite the small crew, "Utrecht's most gemütlich metallers" produce a big sound even without epic keyboards and MIDI samples, which one notices right away with the first track: Devil's Repent. Here wonderfully critical lyrics, accoustic parts and fat riff melodies are offered without delay, a description that applies to the rest of "Struggling With The Dark" as well.


The trio succeeds in creating an excellently produced wall of sound, with sufficient variation in each song. It is fat thrash metal played too little nowadays. From time to time the band takes back a little speed, so the rest of the song has double impact. Expect no wack tricks or beatdowns on these EP, they are truly booming from the beginning to the end. Reference point is the legendary album Hell Awaits, but fans of Kreator, Destruction, or - a bit closer to home - Aborted should pay attention as well (score: 85/100 points).


The band in question did their homework thoughtfully and they deserve attention. The compositions have good guitar riffs and aggressive, but clear vocal lines by Jerry. The contribution of Janet's shouts is indispensable and becomes most interesting to hear. (...) Good!


Nuestros Derechos plays thrash that could be labelled as ‘Kreator light’ with some punk and hardcore influences. Addictive melodic riffing, vocals that balance between raw and understandable and especially a very groovy and prominent bass. Lyrically these guys have some surprises for us. ‘Spam’ consists entirely of lines plucked from various spam messages you’ll find daily in your mailbox and ‘Deimos’ is written in Dutch. (...) This band is certainly worth checking out. Oh, and did I already mention that I like the DIY-attitude of these guys?


Simply, but concisely, in quick up speed and mostly very catchy the trio hits with its 7-track debut album "Struggling With The Dark". (...) Rather it's music produced with much energy, passion and understanding, and with a high entertaining factor - including head nodding, whisking along and moshing. The melodic thrash parts outweigh the trio's music, whereby thrashcore, hardcore and punk influences clearly flash again and again ("Insomnia"). Particularly "Deimos" - sung in Dutch - is convincing by a successful combination of elegant melody lines and the employment of bassist and co-lead vocalist Janet.


For thrash metal they play remarkably melodiously and have built in sufficient moments of rest in their songs. Bassist Janet taking over lead vocals from guitarist Jerry from time to time turns out particularly well too. Especially in the case of Deimos, a song with Dutch lyrics, her screaming vocals really add something. Of all songs in English, Insomnia in particular stays in your head: the guitar and the bass pump through your complete body, the overloaded screaming vocals really pierce bone and marrow. The band scores extra points with the hip jazzy intro.
- (July 2008)


Musically they move in the up-tempo speed range, orienting themselves by the big scene heroes. With singer Janet they bring along a front woman featuring a quite adequate voice. (...) In any case one must acknowledge that Nuestros Derechos pull off their thing courageously and thus definitely come across as authentic and fresh. I find it also quite interesting to have a track sung in Dutch („Deimos “). In the full package „Struggling with the Dark“ does not sound bad and also quite ambitious.


[Janet offers] a welcome vocal variety which contributes to the charm of this solid album that stays rather far away from the visual stereotypes (artwork based on a painting, that's a change from the teenager horror style that Warbringer and Bonded By Blood carry out) and thematical cliches (the lyrics are rather dark, but no zombies at the horizon!) that come with the practised style. An authentic disc to warm up with between two overproduced releases.
- (June 29, 2008)


What we have here is 7 tracks of blistering and unique thrash metal from this Netherlands based band. (...) The remarkable thing about this band is that they manage to build on a fairly old school base and truly make an original sound out of it. This is far more interesting to my ears than any of the bands that are trying their hardest to recreate thrash but ultimately miss the mark. (...) The catchy yet layered style of the band manages to be both fast paced and interesting dynamics wise. Forget about all of these retro-thrash bands that labels are signing left right and center; it is a band like this that deserves the chance to be heard by more metal fans out there, not the trend following bands out there.
- Unbound zine (nr 181)


“Struggling with the Dark” is a very listenable and enjoyable debut album which will have your foot tapping and head banging in no time. (...) Most of the songs begin with slow intro’s before blasting into energetic catchy riffs, solid basslines and vibrant drumming. Track 6, Insomnia, begins with a very groovy jazzy intro which adds a nice touch. (...) If you’re in the mood to listen to some solid gutkicking thrash this album will do the trick.
- (June 26, 2008)


The trio plays simple thrash metal with a few Kreator influences, tidy hardcore edges and a pounding punk attitude. There's no emphasis on complex song structures here but straightforward tasteful rocking. (...) New singer Janet does a good job as well, once she's released. But the main part is served by co-founding member and singer Jerry who comes around as if Kreator's Mille was shouting in a punk band. Uptempo bangers like "Nosferatu" rather bundle all strengths of this band and are a prime example of the fact that simple songs can be fun as well. This is absolutely trend-free thrash core stuff. It may be relatively simple but if you call yourself the cosiest metal band from Utrecht, you may rock on extremely relaxed!!!


Here we go with some big modern-sounding thrashcore, between the American and the Swedish new schools of riffing. Clear and harsh vocals, multi-influenced guitars (heavy, black, hardcore...), mid tempo and blasting parts, beautiful acoustic passages... A very varied and professional release with an excellent sound.


Metalcore’s not my cup of tea (...) But so far I’m quite pleasantly surprised. None of the usual falling points of metalcore are present here – no excessively kooky melodeath riffs, no painful harmonizing between the guitars or the vocalists and no raucously angst-ridden choruses – just twenty-two minutes of raw thrashcore that I can actually take seriously. (...) For a band that claims to be DIY (“DIY = do it together.” Haha, fuck yeah!) the production is near perfect, especially the bass which flails and spits around at the bottom of every song. The guitar and vocals are muddy enough that even the most intoxicatingly catchy hooks don’t just sound like a pissed off Britney Spears. I can’t find anything to fault really (...) It feels like an animal jumping out at you, tearing open your stomach and sneaking off while you’re still wondering what the fuck just happened. (...) “Struggling With the Dark” is an ace achievement.


When I was younger, I thought it was all about music. Nowdays, I think it's all about attitude in music. Nuestros Derechos is a prime example of this fact. (...) This Dutch trio plays thrash metal. Nuff said. Powerful vocals, smashing guitar work and intelligent lyrics are a powerful combination that no thrasher should miss out! (...) Nuestros Derechos are not innovators, they just play the music they like and listen to personally and they're doing it pretty fucking good! Personally, another positive thing about them is that DIY attitude they have, and I think they deserve much better and bigger exposure! Thrashers, smash it!
- ISK webzine (June 12, 2008)


Do-it-yourself is in the limelight of this release from start to finish. (...) Another reason to press this 7 tracks ep against your heart: Metallica could have sounded like this nowadays had they developed in another direction... Nuestros Derechos link (old school) thrash to nu-metal and hc/emo vocals, dress thick classic Metallica riffs in a modern, current garb with soft accoustic parts in between but avoid to sound "wussy". (...) Unrestrictedly recommendable!


For a band that dedicates itself to old school thrash, the Dutchmen handle all affairs quite elegantly. Calm intros and outros, melodic passages and the economically used screams by their female bass player who was recently added, create a successful variation from the different pounding-chopping-roars. Also the idea to include "Deimos", a song in their native language, shows their courage to take some risks (...) Those who can identify themselves with raw thrash based on old school imprints and slightly weaven with some hardcore elements should definitely listen to "Struggling With The Dark" in any case.


The speeds have gone up but the songs also contain some mid tempo passages, ideally for live appearances. Nuestros Derechos is simply another band on the pile although they play little better than many other acts (...) If you're into several kinds of thrash core, you should check 'Struggling With The Dark', just out of curiosity.


You get seven songs on this release in which the band present their own brand of thrash spirited by the underground and do-it-yourself ethics. Certain influences from the hardcore-punk scene are perceived in their music. This equips to their sound, which has a very personal touch compared to other thrash bands. (..) A very tempting disc for lovers of underground metal, with a style close to thrash bands with melodic riffs but with that different personality contributed by their hardcore-punk influences and by their interpretations leading to an old school feeling.
- Noizz webzine


In fact you can't hear punk at all when listening to Nuestros Derechos, but you can feel the spirit. Not only do they play full throttle, they have built in necessary quiet moments as well, what really adds to the songs. (...) The production is not fat, but nicely open - just the way it should be. Everything simply fits together on this record. I respect their bravery for playing in this combination, because this is not your everyday thrash metal. The bands adds something to the overflowing genre. And it's a Dutch band, imagine. I tip my hat. Go Holland Go!
Fury Magazine (May 2008)


The production of "Struggling With the Dark“ (..) is convincing as well. (..) Stylistically Nuestros Derechos haven't changed much, because the thrash in their core should still be written in kapitals and with exclamation marks, including tasty up-tempo parts as featured in "Nosferatu". From "Deimos“ on (with lyrics in Dutch!) things get cool anyway, as Janet self-confidently grabbs the lead mic and pleases greatly with her endearing, abrasive voice as soon as the little lady starts to sing/scream, reminding somewhat of Dawn Crosby (RIP). (...) Altogether Nuestros Derechos give proof of an decent piece of (thrash)metal, neither without becoming friends with the so called new school, nor do the three Dutchies have the need to wade in the - I admit, nowadays beyond its expiration date - Bay Area soup.


Horns up for Utrecht based 'Our Rights' metal band! (...) The dissonant chords, directly descending into your balls on staccato barrages of guitar, bass and merciless pounding drums do not miss their effect. In less than no time the listener is drawn into the sink of corruption and there's no way to escape this maelstrom of raging madness and energy. Overwhelming, maniacal, brutal, hallucinative - this third demo has it all.
- Fret magazine, 15 ( 5): June 2008


In a short period of time this trio delivers a considerable ammount of violence. This violence exists mainly from appetizing trash riffs and screaming vocals, which are brought with a rioting attitude. It's not original, the riff in "Spam" seems to originate directly from Metallica's "Blackened", but it's simply well done. And again the songs containing Dutch lyrics, "Deimos", tops all tracks. Hearing them rage in their mother's tongue, I hear some Neuk in the distance, and some VanKatoen, only without the hippie shit.


The band offers old school thrash metal with strong links to hardcore and thrashcore, plus an essential punk attitude. Not in the least is this the reason why the 'noise' on this album is really comfortable. Unlike many bands in this subgenre who tend to work rather narrowly, Nuestros Derechos broaden the mind with clever ingredients. (...) Original, because very uncommon, is the song 'Deimos' in which Nuestros Derechos deliver their lyrics in Dutch. And lastly, when the mixed trio start their best song 'Insomnia' in a jazzy manner, it's sure this band really has a sense of comfort because one can hardly start a song more relaxed if one has intense thrash in mind.
- (May 23, 2008)


Obviously enjoying playing it, this band pumps delicious thrash riffs from the speakers without boring for one single moment. Lyrically there's plenty to enjoy as well. (..) All in all this is a record they should be proud of. A do-it-yourself mentality can bring you a long way, but it's about time record labels offer them a contract so we can really find out what this threesome is capable of with their next album.
- (May 20, 2008)


Original and groovy, moving successfully into well known musical paths, “Struggling With The Dark” can constitute a good start for the musical career of the band. Seven catchy songs, with nice melodies and fast guitars, originate a nice concept that exhibits the style and the attitude of the band. Even though this album is not a musical bomb, it has what is needed for the listener to enjoy. I am sure that the fans of the specific genre will be more than satisfied by “Struggling With The Dark”.


They released this cd by themselves and I really don't understand that there's is no label willing to bring out one of the best Dutch Thrashcore albums in a long time. The cd begins with my favourite "Devil's Repent". I really love the groove on this song. Mix this with Thrash vocals like Mille from Kreator and you got one hell of a song.That's also the big yes on this album the vocals done by Jerry 'Herrie'. If you like Mille then you will love Jerry 'Herrie' cause he is so much beter than Mille.The rest of the songs are all very very good, for me this is one of the best cds from 2008 coming from the Netherlands. (...) I LOVE IT!!!! (9 out of 10)
- (May 17, 2008)


There’s plenty of fun to go around, especially lyrically with – just like the first recordings – there’s a Dutch song on it, neatly tackling the subject of urban fear stating “our own biggest threat is our own fear”. On the other hand there’s an amusing ode to spam, that’s patched together from e-mail subjects that clog up all our e-mail boxes daily.
- (May 17, 2008)


Nuestros Derechos stand for an old school variant of thrash metal including a nice portion of punk and hardcore attitude.They clearly do their thing with passion, sense and understanding. The mostly quick parts are relatively simply but extremely concisely and therefore fine to listen to.


"Struggling With The Dark" is a beautiful, small metal album featuring 7 songs, which are (..) strongly rooted in the thrash metal scene, with only a few hardcore parts. Altogether the tracks are very nice to listen to. Remarkably are the melodic passages which are often brought in and the skillfully alternating vocals by Jerry and Janet. Worth mentioning is the track "Deimos", which has Dutch lyrics and acts about the often deplored problems in our world. You can listen to this and three more tracks from "Struggling With The Dark" on the band's MySpace page. Friends of thrashy metal should check it out if they don't want to miss out on a good, forwardly striving band. In short Nuestros Derechos have released a totally cool cd, which - hopefully soon - will be supported by the release of a full-length album. (7/10 skulls)
- (May 7, 2008)


Trashcore, played by Utrecht's most sociable metal band, what more could you want? Well, perhaps we literally want some more. (...) The guitar work is absolute very thrashy. Tempo, intensity and intonation are hardcore. The rough, short and cutting elements come from punk. Nice combination. (...) They have been one of the better live acts in this country for a while and now they have made a firm jump forwards on cd as well. The compositions are neat and diverse, the musical lines are varied and the use of instruments and vocal parts are very good. Production and mix are tight and direct and give a nicely live feeling. I'm having a good time with this cd, too bad it is finished so quickly! A loud olé for Nuestros Derechos.
- (May 6, 2008)


The band comes with a very quick tempo varied with slower pieces. The band is very tight. From time to time they even come close to bands like Destruction and Slayer. (...) In short good a good ep for fans of modern thrash and metals that go along with their time.
- Violent Moshground Magazine (May, 2008)


Already during the first track I get the feeling that we have a new musical add-a-diamond in the Dutch metal scene. The melodious riffs are nicely catching and whipping up. The sound is pleasingy raw and honest. These lads and lady serve no unnecessary hodgepodge, it is simply the basis which makes this music so good (...) Nuestros Derechos have absolutely delivered a prime album with 'Struggling With The Dark'. The sound is a bit similar to Slayer and Heaven Shall Burn and just sounds very good. If this is only the tip of the iceberg, I'd love to find out what's under the water. We'll hear more about this band! (85 out of 100)
- (May 4, 2008)


For a stubborn old-school freak as myself, the music of this band is an odd piece in the puzzle. The combination of many different style makes the music hard to describe and for me personally hard to listen to. I can appreciate the thrashy riffs though. The riffs sound quite well composed and remind me a lot of the Swedisch death/thrash sound.
- (May 1, 2008).


Menno Bakker handled the production once again, and he did a great job. The music itself can be described as melodic thrash. Melodic, comparable to the early Metallica school and the likes. At the same time, Struggling With The Dark sounds like a modern day record because of the contemporary Swedish influence which is evident as well. Songwriting skills have certainly improved, which makes this a really worthwhile release.
- (April 20, 2008)


What must be said is that these songs are played very well, being tight and with finesse. This deserves a compliment. One can clearly hear a band knowing how to play and they are surely quite a good live act. (...) On a song like "Nazgûl" their blending of styles sounds great and it reveals their true potential.
- (April 2008)


In the past Nuestros Derechos used to start in a tearing hurry. 'Struggling With The Dark' has more nuances. (...) Nuestros Derechos are not limited to the average devil worship. The world view of the Utrecht based band just doesn't allow for something so banal. The title 'Struggling With The Dark' has several meanings as proves the song Insomnia. Featuring six songs plus outro Nuestros Derechos once again deliver the quality which we have grown used to, while at the same time they continue to develop musically.
- (April 2008)


This trio succesfully builds an excellently produced wall of sound with satisfactory variation in each song. This is thick thrash metal (sometimes with a wink), created too little these days. (...) My favorite song Insomnia features all elements of the band's unique sound: a tight drummer keeping everything together, a bassist supporting the guitarist with low and heavy parts, fat and fast guitar riffs and to put a bit extra variation bassist Janet delivers vocals too. Her characteristic voice often adds a rough edge to the songs. Their lyrics are ok too, not groundbreaking but enough variation too keep things interesting. (...) In brief, the word variation is mentioned three times in this review. And that's what Nuestros Derechos are, releasing an ep that's varied enough to prevent boredom and that's battering enough to keep you alert. (85%)
- (April 2008)


Holland's most unique thrashcore trio. Mix crunchy thrash metal with a hardcore attitude and male as well as female vocals. You'll get songs that will stick in your head forever.
- Deity Down Records (April 2008)


A very good young band who have chosen the retro thrash metal path to follow. This is actually a speed and thrash mixture recalling Paradox, Necronomicon and Mandator. The music is fast, but one could catch some stylish technical hooks here and there. A very promising beginning for one of the youngest hopes of Dutch thrash metal.


Something new by Utrecht-based thrashers Nuestros Derechos whose 2005 split CD with De Waonzin I still remember because no one played thrash or listened to it at that time. But times have changed in favour of Nuestros Derechos, without forcing them to compromise to any trend. The trio has indeed lost the old bass player and singer, but found a replacement with Janet, who expands the singing to exciting shades. Overall, true thrash metal without compromise has remained, even if the band is closely related to the Utrecht punk and DIY scene. Occasionally Nuestros Derechos remind me of Drowning Roses, if anyone here except Zahni and Joachim knows this band, hehe.
- Ox Fanzine #78