Nuestros Derechos - relentless thrash metal from Utrecht, the Netherlands

Reviews of 'Split 'em All' plus older critiques

Anyone here who grew up with Metallica? Then it' s also clear where the title of this Dutch split cd comes from. It says thrashcore somewhere, but for me the music is relatively conventional thrash metal with punk roots, particularly in the case of Nuestros Derechos. Both bands originate from the very lively and sympathetic punk and squat scene around the ACU in Utrecht, thus the mental background should be clear and the text of "D.I.Y." underlines the bands' request. The same goes for their call on the cd label to copy and spread their release. It's very solid thrash metal, but unfortunately not as overwhelming as thrashcore à la Heresy or Bones Brigade.
- Ox-Fanzine, issue 65


This split cd by aforementioned orchestras was released quite some time ago, but it still is absolutely worth reviewing. Both bands come from my borough Utrecht and to be honest, I'm getting a bit nostalgic as much as a bit chauvinistic by this release. The lyrics on this cd reflect exactly what it is all about in the Utrecht metal scene. (...) Fine cd, great initiative!! (75 out of 100 points)
- (January, 2007)


Free after the motto “Thrash ‘til death” are Nuestros Derechos also firing out and they’re nearly seamless affiliating to the four grenades of De Waonzin. Here we’ve also got some razor-sharp Thrash riffs in coarse numbers, it has been produced equally awesome and equally brutal. On “D.I.Y.“ they’re allowing themselves to include the one or the other blastbeat into their business and so they’re creating more surpises and additional variety. There is also one song in Nuestros Derechos’ native language (“De Strop“), which is complementing perfectly in combination with the pounding music. Those both Dutch newcomers could create quite a stir with the necessary support. Here they’re paying homage to the idols of the Thrash Metal flowering period (American and European, of course) and this certain special music is delivered with a lot of sensitiveness into the present. The desire is also for Nuestros Derechos, to produce more musical dope; with this potential of the present sound carrier a complete work is already now an uncouth acoustic slap into the face of each Metalhead. That’s the way, how it should be, Thrash Metal at its best!!! (8.5 out of 10 points)
- (August, 2006)


Dutchmen can do many things much better than playing football. Making cheese, wooden shoes, growing weed or making music for example! This split cd of De Waonzin and Nuestros Derechos proves that too! I would like to contradict something of the presented label "thrashcore", but only in a positive way! And particularly for a lousy € 8 you get cream of the crop material here! (...) All in all this is a genuinly nice release, limited tot 500 copies.(...) It gets 7 (out of 10) points from me.
- (July 2006)


Various Artists Metal Ostentation, Volume 7 (Enclave Productions, 2006): Well here goes nothing, yet another sampler. Let’s see what we find shall we. (...) Nuestros Derechos - These guys are Dutch punk-metal. It's not bad either, since it's way more on the punk side, though there is a touch of melody to it. I don't know what the song is about since it's all in Dutch, though I did make out the line, "Bush has to go." I don't think they dig the current administration. Good for them. This is OK, not great.
- (July 2006)


With a running time of roughly 23 mins, this sucker here gets quite a lot of old school kicks around, especially in account to Nuestros Derechos who sound like they came straight out of the 80’s most of the time. I don’t know about you, but I can almost never get enough of the good ol’ uff-ta drumming paired with simplistic, but nevertheless ass-kicking, riffs. (...) 6 out of 10 reversed baseball caps.
- (June 2006)


Nuestros Derechos play in the same veins [as the Waonzin], though a bit more directly and less melodiously. Here too the four numbers are delicious and a straight must for the fanatical thrasher who isn't afraid of a bit hardcore. Favorite song here is 'De Strop', which is according to the lyrics against people who put their carreer before everything else. The production is very well done. One slightly point of criticism: with 23 minutes this cd is simply too short, goddammit. (80 out of 100 points)
- (June 2006)


The Dutchmen make no secret of their inspirations, where their roots lie: very clearly they want us to consider this split as an hommage to the good old times regarded, when music was still handmade, pumped wildly and energetically through the speakers and spandex was worn over a pair of Adidas. (...) Despite their Spanish name Nuestros Derechos originate from Holland too and can continue the quality of their predecessors throughout the disc, even when they pepper their songs with somewhat less hardcore and more metal, and thus proceed somewhat more rougher. So "Hellspawn" reminded of old Kreator, but also sprays a certain Venom charm. In particular I think at the "Black Metal" interpretation of the explosive mixture from Slayer and Machine Head in the course of their combined tour... Consistently that style is continued, the "Flag of Hate" always high-held and this trio know to keep hold of that raunchy charm of the late eighties mixed with a nice "fuck off" attitude. Although their old school feel, both De Waonzin and Nuestros Derechos come freshly - and contrary to some old thrashers not only pretended unspent, play-joyfully and energy-loaded. (...) Go get it! 6.5 out of 7 points
- Earshot (June 2006)


[Nuestros Derechos] concentrate on the straight up, fast core, for sure, also equipped with some pissed vocal work and unfortunately with some distracting growls. What drew a smile on my face then again was the guitar work, which incorporated almost Iron Maiden like guitar solos. (...) As a matter of fact, the sound and production on this disc is nothing short but flawless. Fans of thrasing hardcore with a metal edge to it, can check this disc out.
- (May 2006)


Nuestros Derechos: this band isn’t new in my ears because I got their first demo last 2003 I guess, and still, these guys didn’t disappoint my tastes in their musical style. Actually Nuestros Derechos isn’t too far from De Waonzin music wise because of the thrash hardcore crossover elements is still here but the melody, grooves and memorable riffage is fucking awesome. I hail these two bands in this split release, and what I hail the most is that their CD packaging is fucking PRO but this is an anti-copyright! Fucking cool! And I salute you guys! Nothing to comment about! 1000 percent underground!
- No Bullshit Zine (May 2006)


[After De Waonzin] Nuestros Derechos begin with "Hellspawn". The guys give just a bit less gas and are rather oriented at old school thrash. Catchy and less aggressively! "D.I.Y." is somewhat more driving. However, partly somewhat confused too. "De Strop" cannot deny some punk influences. Completely old school. Next is "Erase Me", briskly chopped down. Beautiful neck crusher in which they reduce speed at several moments. Both bands provide a good mixture here. De Waonzin offer modern thrashcore that is aggressive and fast all the way. Nuestros Derechos serve the listeners more of the old school with their riff based thrash. For fans of thrash this combination is an interesting thing. Just De Waonzin alone would be too monotonous me in the long term, but the thumbs go clearly up this way. Score: 8.0 out of 10 points.
- (April 2006)


Both De Waonzin and Nuestros Derechos come from Holland and focus on a mix of classic Thrash Metal and basic Core elements. (...) Nuestros Derechos: In the same vain as De Waonzin, you won’t notice the difference until you focus on the songwriting approach. The band stands a little bit more on the Metalcore side, with sufficient aggression backed by mad grooves. I loved the "D.I.Y." track due to its solid base, but - in general - they seem to be more dedicated to the neo-Thrashcore movement that I do not find very friendly for my ears. This split CD is released in a limited quantity of 500 copies. For lovers of this kinda sound - and supporters of bands like Sick Of It All, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Haunted etc - this is an interesting release; let aside the fact that - as pre-mentioned - split releases are 100% ’sincere’ in terms of musical originality. You choose. Score: 4.5 out of 5 points.
- (April 2006)


Nuestros Derechos [compared to De Waonzin] is a little punky in attitude as well as in their music. (...) Musically, the band is just as thick as their split brothers.
- (April 2006)


Let’s see what this odd looking split CD with the colourful and macabre drawing on it has in store for me today. Two bands bringing out a split CD... very interesting! (...) “Hellspawn” is an aggressive track, I like the vocals, and they make me think of Kreator a bit. The break like part at 1:54 is really cool, these guys surely know how to write thrashing riffs! They rage right on with "D.I.Y", and I find it hard to sit still on this one! Too bad my room is too small to make a pit LOL ... there is some interesting drum work on this one! “De Strop” is another Dutch one, they sound a bit angry... Riff machines they are! This track makes me think of the Heideroosjes, but maybe that’s just because the song is in Dutch, it has some punk influences. Damn, “Erase Me” is already the last one! Some strange changes to other rhythms are featured here. Again, I love the riffs and the speed! I think I am going to label this as speeding thrash punk garage metal.. Overall opinion: A lot of speeding, trashing, raging aggression is pumped into 20 minutes! Those bands would go down well at any festival I think, they immediately set you in a party atmosphere raging! Well, anyone who likes his or her portion of speeding thrash, punk, garage metal, go get it! Score: 7.8 of 10 points.
- (April 2006)


Well here we go, a Dutch split album with two old school thrashmetal bands à la Kreator, Exodus, Dark Angel in their early days. (...) After the damn good thrash from De Waonzin it is time to listen to Nuestros Derechos. This band start directly with a melodic guitar move with up-tempo drums and I must say that this is also some good shit! It seems like I'm going to listen to other four good tracks... Well I was right! Nuestros Derechos give me also some descend tight metal. And they are also into Dutch lyrics by the track name of "De Strop". It's a bit sad the tracks are so short, cause the CD is finished before you know. The four awesome tracks on the second half of this CD are also produced well, maybe that's cause they have been to the same studio! Compliments!! So I say, take a listen to these two bands and give it a try!! Score: 8 of 10 points.
- (April 2006)


Nuestros Derechos is another Dutch band spawing out four songs, that also lay somewhere inbetween trash metal, metalcore and heavy metal. Rocking out on diy ethics. Same here, you'll get a Ducth sung song served up with "De Strop". Metal headbangings on which you can spoil beers over.
- SemtexInc


Oh yeah, oh yeah. I'm a fan of all kinds of thrash: a weakness for Metallica in their first days, insane of Slayer, crazy about Kreator, in love with Sodom and other nutcases like Destruction... I believe that I should lend an attentive ear on this split recorded by two groups from the Dutch underground. No, no reason for concern. They stay very far from the mincing ways of the groups with singers that this country took the practice to serve us (...uhuh). The two groups balance with good fat thrash, provided with the most beautiful aspects: incissifs riffs and other sharp melodies are part of it! De Waonzin has a more hardcore colour due to its singer while Nuestros Derechos focus on pure and hard thrash metal. The principal influence of these two groups seems to be Metallica in their beginnings, even though the group's compositions still need maturity and development to arrive at such a level. But who knows, with much work and some courage, one might holds the large futures of the thrash scene here with this release. In any case, this split CD is more than promising!
- (April 2006)


Nuestros Derechos so smoothly lock to the acts of their compatriots that one actually hardly notices that the second band has started. After further analysis one realises the differences are mainly the even higher parts of metal and the somewhat slower speed. Nuestros Derechos struggle themselves through the thrash textbook, without coming much beyond the introduction. They beautifully celebrate the D.I.Y. principle with all its myths in the much-saying song called "D.I.Y.". (...)"Split ' Em All" is a well produced disc by a bunch of friends who mean it rather honestly with what they do, have fun doing it and have substantially built it all up at their own initiative. Crack point, point of criticism and squabbles are all related to the same: the mood is not the same as a hit. And that's what it's all about, isn't it? If you like the taste of well produced, solidly played thrash with hardcore influences and can stand without things such as alternation, creativity and innovation, you have found the right food here. Even better, you will like aspects of listening to the concept full of moments which are beautifully comfortably monotonous and completely without remarkable moments. Aspects such as bloody refrains, exiting hook lines or mean melodies. You know, what I mean.
- (April, 2006)


A nice split of two Utrecht based bands which, concerning the set-up, texts and music, immediately recalls the hay days of the thrash/hardcore crossover. An era in which bands did everything themselves as much as possible, ignored musical rules and strived to sound as fast and loud as possible. ( ...) Nuestros Derechos tend a bit more towards hardcore, throttle down more often and have weighed their riffs more cautiously. Songs like "DIY" and "De Strop" better stay in your head than De Waonzin's material, though both bands are completely matched for each other. When Municipal Waste comes touring again, I know two suitable support acts.
- Metal magazine Aardschok (27th volume, no. 4, April 2006)


Limited to 500 copies only, this split CD comes flying in straight from The Netherlands. Each of both represented bands spits four songs in the audience, so you don't filter really great differences between the combos when you listen to the scarce 23 minutes of music. Both acts claim to hold high the maxim of thrashcore, which may sound plausible when facing the raw adjustment of the songs. Nuestros Derechos cover more of the metal side, while De Waonzin tend towards hardcore, due to the shouts, the punky drums and maybe because of the two involved vocalists as well. It doesn't matter because it's the music that counts in the final result. And the music is offered quite competently, even professionally, and not influenced by the production (meaning this release is crystal clear and beautifully broad arranged!). And so a collective moshparty starts between the domestic four walls with high speed bomb shells like "Lords of Destruction" and the melodicly floating "AO Godverdomme" (both by De Waonzin). And with the old school thrash contributions by Nuestros Derechos like "D.I.Y.", "De Strop" - exhilarated with melodies - or the somewhat throttled hommage to Kreator's Mille "Erase Me", nothing stands in the way. Score: 4.5 of 5 points.
- (March 23, 2006)


Split CD of two Dutch underground thrashing groups. The Utrecht-based sextet De Waonzin starts. The chaps mill themselves through four primitive old school thrash massacres, mostly far over the speed limit. They could hardly be more blunt, but are provided with bloody much rage. No hits, but fortunately one can leave the aggression squadron to play decently assigned, melodic riffs and an interesting change of vocals (thrash roaring meets hardcore screaming). Altogether an amusing affair (7). The following band, Nuestros Derechos (hailing from Utrecht too), line up with only half as many people. Nevertheless they sound more controlled than their predecessors in each aspect. The hate factor suffers from it, but in response they offer clear plusses such as creativity and sophisticated songwriting. Everything works out more structured and well-considered. That's why the band may take home a half point more (7.5). Artwork and mix are okay, but the somewhat dull/musty sound puts them back to the b-side. Nevertheless: for (old school) thrashers and (old school) hardcore fans it's surely worth checking out. Overall score: 7 of 10 points.
- (March 23, 2006)


Generally I do not find it simple to evaluate split CDs. The split of the two Dutch Thrashcore bands De Waonzin and Nuestros Derechos is an outstanding example. Because while first mentioned band has clearly a better production, Nuestros Derechos have the better songs, which may be fairly labeled as thrashcore and will definitely please fans of old DRI.
- (March 23, 2006)


The really horrific artwork of the split release of the following thrashcore outfits, is strongly diversing from the quality of these Dutchmen. Clearly rooted in thrash metal, both bands are quite convincingly with unbridled energy and catchyness. Who would have thought so? Yet one may enjoy the well structured aggression in the form of a successful heavy metal bombardment. (...) The Dutch projectiles, highly recognizable, have brilliant quality and trickle down on the listener that way. (...) Wonderful, if you think the whole metalcore circus has become too boring, you should absolutely check out these guys from Holland. There's even more, because Spanish Nuestros Derechos hook on and excel with a decent ammount of thrash metal that's rich of tradition. The oldfashioned sound, rooted in bands like Sodom, Vendetta or Destruction makes you feel warm in your pants each time again. Wonderful!!! Altogether they never stack too high, know how to build walls with a mighty metal force and have always a surprise ready in the cannon pipe! What I quietly wish for myself otherwise? Nothing, simply just to hear this great disc again and again. It's available for a ridiculous € 8 directly from the bands. Metal to the Bones. Killer!!!
- (March 2006)


Dutch bands De Waonzin and Nuestros Derechos (Just don't ask me, what that means), so far unknown to me, peacefully share this split CD with four songs in each case. Cover and title "Split 'Em All" breathe that typical 80's flair, which also settles on those short 23 minutes of music.(...) Qua speed Nuestros Derechos proceed more variedly with their four tracks. Here far fewer hardcore elements show themselves. The music is mostly dominated by thrashy riffs, which apply particularly to "Hellspawn" and "De Strop". The speed is throttled once again a bit with "Erase Me", in which the singing is reminding of Kreator's Mille and works beautifully brutally.
- (March 2006)


When I inspected the CD for the first time, I thought 'Well, what is this supposed to be?'. Campy, nonchalantly painted cover artwork (which is, along with the title, a wink to Metallica's debut by the way) and band logos that could not be called as such. However, when I put the CD into the intended tray, I was completely astonished. High class thrash riffs, in crystal clear sound quality, were indeed pounding through the speakers. (...) This formation [Nuestros Derechos] label themselves under thrash metal as well. The trio only delivers a version that's more mangy than their compatriots. Here the guitars sound quite melodic too, but not so filigrane as De Waonzin's. The four tracks move between mid tempo and partly plain blast speed attacks. The singing comes beautifully mangy and thus fits well with the mood. The riffing is very simply but therefore not less effective. For me the catchy "Erase Me", in which the singer strains his vocal cords up to the max, left behind the best impression of all four Nuestros Derechos compositions.
- (March 2006)


The Grand Prix of Rijnmond band competition alternatively takes place in Mach in Hellevoetsluis and Total Music in Schiedam. The second preliminary round in Mach can be typified as qualitative, varied, a particularly good atmosphere - in particular between the different bands. (...) Nuestros Derechos accommodate not yet fully developed musicians, but compensated this with a spirited show and good interaction with the audience, which made it a pleasure to look at and to listen to. Their music belongs to the genre thrashmetal, with a sympathetic impressionand funny gimmics in between. Result: the band finished third.
- Jury Grand Prix of Rijnmond, March 2006


These two Dutch bands both offer thrash metal in connection with hardcore, strongly reminiscent of the eighties. They also let this fame-rich decade revive with the record's cover and title. (...) The musical borders are substantially more closely put with Nuestros Derechos. In particular the trio is strongly shaped by the Bay Area Thrash, the hardcore attitude is rather limited to the lyrics and properly struck down in their music by the vocals. Both troops are very rich of ideas, refreshingly uncramped and go directly to the core. And the energy, which is provided by four songs per band, might function rather ingeniously when converted to live situations, since in particular Nuestros Derechos' mosh factor is very high. This well produced, small underground juwel, which is limited to 500 copies world-wide, can be ordered for 8 euros plus postage here. Score: 4 out of 5 points.
- (March 2006)


The artwork and title of this split CD by two band from the Dutch underground, which are totally unknown to me, have a total mid-'80s flair ! The title, Split 'Em All" is well fitting and also a small wink to... well, who is probably meant here? Musically both bands hit the same direction in style! In each case they give their best in four songs! Both bands have written thrash metal with clean hardcore influences on their flag! (...) Nuestros Derechos provide their speed more varied and have a tidy impact like Kreator, also the singer sounds nearly as good as Mille! (...) For people who are down with the underground, this split CD is a good thing. Thrash 'em all!
- (March 2006)

Older reviews - part two

Both from Utrecht, Holland, these 2 Thrash Metal bands decided to join forces to release their thing. (...) Though both bands categorise their style under 'ThrashCore', De Waonzin's musical style is admittingly more complex (that's what 2 guitar players can get you), and possibly a little more melodic (has Progressive build-up). Still, the vocals are 'Core' enough! Nuestros Derechos' music is, due to line-up limitations, of a simpler kind, but therefore not necessarily less melodic. In fact, it's easier to recognize the melodies with thém (as compared to De Waonzin), because overall the music isn't that complex! As inherent to the Thrashcore genre, all tracks are relatively short. Come to think of mentioning at the last moment : both bands have one track with Dutch lyrics, a thing hard to discern for the unsuspecting listener! A nice introduction to both bands, for sure, and an album difficult to rate, because it concerns twó bands. After wise deliberation, each band deserves the rating mentioned. Score: 86/100
- (March 2006)


[This CD] contains four hard as nails old-school ultra-heavy thrash songs by each band, mixed with hardcore/punk influences, or the other way around - whatever you prefer. With artwork that could very well have been Slayer's and a title that gives away a certain predilection for Metallica, these gentlemen do not hide their inspirational sources and actually that doesn't matter a single bit. Provided with a lovely ragged production, this disc rams, splits, stomps, batters, swirls, breaks, hammers, saws and rages over you like a 4 Sherman tank. While De Waonzin brings a bit more melody, threesome Nuestros Derechos appear clearly even more compromiseless where possible and I like that. In particual the song ‘De Strop’ keeps stirring in my head. This accusation against all clerks who consider their career more important than friends and family, hits the nail on the head.. I'm completely focused again. If you need the same, go get yourself a copy like blazes before it's too late.
- (March 2006)


Thrashcore is currently resurrecting and so new acts in this genre are prevailing in The Netherlands as well. De Waonzin and Nuestros Derechos have joined forces on Split ‘em All – a wink to Metallica's classic. AO Godverdomme, De Waonzin's opening song, immediately sets the music for a trip through the eighties. If Kreator would start a hardcore project, it would sound approximately like De Waonzin. Their contribution is almost seamlessly followed by Nuestros Derechos. The differences between both bands are minimal. Nuestros Derechos sounds a little more compact because they are a trio. They have lesser space for melodies and the thrash riffs leave a dogmatic impression because of repetition. So it's perfect to bang your head on.
- (March 2006)


Am I glad to have waited with this review. Two weeks ago, after the first hearing, I found the disk relatively unimaginative: an uninventive mix of metal and punkrock. So I pushed the disk back, until a few days ago when I realised I had completely forgotten the review. I listened to the disk again with fresh ears and guess what: the split-CD of these two Dutch bands De Waonzin and Nuestros Derechos rocks! With the title referring to Metallica's "Kill 'em All", "Split 'em All" is a beautiful round split with two bands that are well-matched. (...) However, in no way are Nuestros Derechos inferior to De Waonzin, exept for the drums. The message is clear, song titles like "D.I.Y." and "Erase Me" speak clearly enough. Musically Nuestros Derechos put pure metal against it. The double bass hammers, the bass guitar hums and the guitars fiddel beautiful melodies or shred fat riff to bang your head on. This disk rocks! Whether it's renewing or not. It sounds furiously, pissed off and ripps from start to end. Score: 7/10
- With Love, The Underground, Germany (March 2006)


De Waonzin and Nuestros Derechos are two groups hailing from the Dutch city of Utrecht. Their split-issue counts eight songs, four by each group. The artwork and the look of the musicians made me guess I was going to hear some crust, instead both groups play death metal, though not lacking contaminations with other styles. (...) Nuestros Derechos turn out to be less dynamic and immediate, mainly due to a rhythm section that shows little variety. They are playing with some death metal parts as well, only with a more massive dose of thrash and some punkcore. In fact, this group seems more oriented in the past, in particular to the raw thrash that was born during the eighties. Their recording, a bit clearer compared to that of De Waonzin, is a clear testimony as well: the guitars are very cutting, the rough voice is balancing between thrash and hardcore, while the battery is insistent and throbbing. The structure of the songs is in average more spectacular thanks to the presence of numerous breaks and riffs. The result is therefore a granatic and rather massive thrash/deathcore. (..) In any case, Nuestros Derechos are not to underrate. They have demonstrated to know how to compose dragging and damn incisive songs, very well played and produced, and their interpretation even renders them bloody more aggressive. "Split ' Em All" is an interesting MCD, that offers you to discover two valid groups from the Dutch underground. In spite of the meager duration, you should definitely consider the purchase, because of the quality of the songs. Ah, the bands have stated on the CD to feel free to make some copies. On the other hand, with a song title like "D.I.Y.", what should we be waiting for?
-, Italian Metal Webzine (February 2006)


The title "Split 'Em All" is probably enough to grab the attention of any regular metal fan. This reference with a wink to the Metallica classic has been implemented quite deep. Even the artwork screams eigthies. And we have not even started to talk about the music here (...) So you know what to expect, yet this record sounds far from cliche. One of the reasons is both bands have decided to not choose an eighties production. Mastering was even handled by Alan Douches, who has worked for greats like Sepultura and Sick Of It All. Because of these elements this CD sounds just great. On top of that both bands proove to play fine pieces of thrashcore. Lots of tempos, lots of fun, just great. The songs are comfortable to listen to, in particular the melodic parts stand out. This record comes to me as a big surprise. (...) Recommened to all fans of thrash and hardcore. Split 'Em All rules! Score: 80/100 - (February 2006)


This reviewer has always been a fan of split cds, simply because it's nice to compare two bands with each other. It can be dangerous when one band is much better than the other, but fortunately that's not the case with this split. For one thing, these Utrecht based musicians have done a sensible job in making their combined cd sound as a unity. (...) Each track sounds full and fat. Muscially, the gentlemen sound remarkably the same. According to their own words six pack De Waonzin play eclectic, melodic thrash - a well-put description. Three piece Nuestros Derechos (meaning ‘Our Rights’) play perhaps a bit more technically and diversely, but do not change very much from the style of their colleagues. That's well done with such a stripped down line-up. (...) Nuestros' drummer is a bit tighter, though both skin bashers play very nice including fast fills and pumped up thrash rhythms. (...) Of course the cd title is a wink to Metallica's classic 1983 album ‘Kill ‘Em All’. According to the press release the comes with this album, this title is part of the bands' tribute to the old school '80s feeling. The artwork fits well, and both bands indeed stand firmly in the speed metal tradition.
- (February 2006)


Nuestros Derechos is a hardcore outfit with thrash metal influences. This threesome also contributed four songs: 'Hellspawn', 'D.I.Y.', 'De Strop' and 'Erase Me'. My favourite Nuestros song on the disc is 'De Strop' because of its furious bass drums. Did you like the old school bands from the Utrecht area like Spasticus, Spartacus, Pittbull, Radical Retard or De Gatbent? Then this album is certainly yours. This release is strictly limited to 500 issues worldwide, so don't be indecisive and order your copy of 'Split 'Em All' at right away for only € 8,-. Rating: 75/100
- (February 2006)


Crossover. You know, that eighties blend between hardcore and metal. It's the kind of music that does well live on small festivals and the attitude is more important than the skills. (...) Unlike De Waonzin Nuestros Derechos is (...) more thrash than crossover really. (...) Their hardcore influences can - incidentally - be heard on 'Erase Me' and 'De Strop'.
- (January 2006)


This split MCD is showing two nice Dutch bands from the city of Utrecht. The two bands play a punk rock styled metal with a healthy spirit. This split is released by the bands themselves and looking good. Each band delivers 4 songs but it wouldn't be a shame if they did more. For both bands counts that the songs are not only thrashing but also are groovy as fuck. Raw and shouty vocals, aggressive riffs and up tempo beats. These are bands that are mainly meant to play live but I think they succeeded in transforming their sound to this disc.
- (January 2006)


Nuestros Derechos (‘Our Rights’) is not, as the name might imply, a Spanish band, but originates from Utrecht, The Netherlands. I first watched this band perform last summer during the benefit concert for Het Zwarte Gat in the squat pub of Groningen city: Op Drift. Nuestros Derechos played a very energetic set. The crowd reacted immediately as the band continued taking their performance to a higher level. The same goes for their recordings. On their split CD "Split ‘Em All" the band produces a most convincing mix of trash metal and punk. Had it been up to me Nuestros Derechos would've been more than welcome to put more than four songs on this CD.(...) This limited edition (a mere 500 copies) proves that somewhere in the depts of the Utrecht underground, by means of a solid DIY-attitude, ground trembling metalpunk is being created.
- (December 2005)


This nine minutes long demo from Dutch group Nuestros Derechos ("our rights" in Spanish) won't be a hit, as it is far from commercial. However, with their energy and rigorous mixture of old school thrash and punk , these three musicians will appeal to fans of brutal core.


The performance started with a thank you for their last performance, when all electricity was down because of all the power that was needed. Then they were off to a fast start, and kept this tempo up till the last song. Their drummer was beating his drums with all his effort. People immediately start head banging in the front. (...) There is great interaction with the audience, jokes are made and the audience is really part of the show.
- (December 2005)


First band to hit the stage was Utrecht based outfit Nuestros Derechos. The band whipped things up and played a solid set. Just when you thought it was about to get drabby, they changed tempos and melodies which kept everything gripping.
- Wandering Souls zine (November 2005)


[Next act at Occultfest is] thrashcore three-piece Nuestros Derechos from Utrecht. This was about communicating fun! (...) The combination of English and Dutch lyrics is a challenging one, but it makes the band one of a kind. It seems as it the organisation has chosen to book partying bands because this show was a party too, with much enthusiasm on stage. On a day like this it's great to see this that the sparkles of enthusiasm win over the audience, resulting in more people in front of the stage and a loosened up people. Entertaining show too!
- (September 2005), the Dutch of punky Holland, brings us more than just attention seeking teenage punk girls and boys. In this case, it's the new compilation called "Pleur Op Plaat" (Piss Off Record) number two which has been produced with help of Pleur Op Productions. Punk's dead? You won't say so when you hear this album. 24 Tracks, which vary between street punk and rockabilly and cali-punk (better known as skate punk) give a nice view of the current Dutch punk scene, and proves very well that not all punk has to originate from squats located in the suburbs of London, but can be made by rebel teenagers from het Gooi (Dutch villa-ville). Anyhow, this CD is pretty decent and as said before, it gives a nice proper view of the current Dutch punk scene.
- (early 2005)


These four songs and a little more than nine minutes might not be much to feast on, but it’s enough to get a taste of their madness. Each track keeps interesting and stays aggressive, along with a nice acoustic outro to wind down too. It’s quite pleasing to the ears and reminiscent of Empyrium or an Opeth ballad. “Out of the Womb” has some very Slayerish riffs and is my favorite track. Right after that, the second track, “Het Wijnglas,” almost has the Swedish death sound at times; the main riff reminds me of At The Gates. I wouldn’t say this was great, but Nuestros Derechos has grabbed my attention!
- (December 2004)


Nuestros Derechos is a DIY punk metal band from The Netherlands. With this MCD they show us the strength of simplicity. Short songs with a hacking rhythmbeat, shouty vocals and a raw guitarsound. Catchy songs with nice short guitarriffs and no fancy attitude. This is a typical band that really rocks on stage but unfortunately this MCD is only 10 minutes long. My fav song is 'Het Wijnglas' with Dutch lyrics (ancient poem) simply because it is catchy as hell. Nice MCD.
- Brutalism (November 2004)


Three guys in their early thirties playing thrashcore with their hearts, but not with their brains. The three and a half songs (including a short, acoustical coda on guitar) lack a good sound, even a decent sound, well, in fact, any sound at all. It's sloppy and typical demo-ish. Despite the fact that Theo Vogelaar (former Tröckener Kecks, well-known Dutch rock band) had an eye on the sound. If they were smart, they would have not recorded these songs in one day, but took more time to be a little more self-critical. Now they have a typical demo garage sound for music that deserves and need better.(...) If they will focus a little more on tightness and production power, their rawness and garage-punk style - let's say D.R.I. ('Four OF A Kind/Thrashzone'-era meets the old Tankard albums - will come out better.
- Lords of Metal (October 2004)


This is the second compilation from Pleurop Productions, which aims to promote the cause of Dutch punk rock. At 24 tracks, you can’t accuse them of not letting bands have their moment. (...) I applaud labels willing to help bands with comps in this way.
- (October 2004)


Cool, this is the first band from the Netherlands that I got to review that wasn’t black or death metal. I am happy to say that I am not disappointed with it either. Their style fits very comfortably in the thrash/punk genres. They do an excellent job making sure they stay away from that dreadful nu-metal sound by adding a mix of old-school hardcore punk to their thrash metal sound. Very good. This is definitely a good CD for you to check out if you are into this genre of music. You can show your support and check these guys out by going to
- Adrenaline fanzine (September 2004)


A mix of hardcore, thrash metal and punk is what our friends from Utrecht present. Thrashcore it is. I must be honest and admit that I have developed a huge punk phobia through the past years. Better keep NoFX or Green Day albums out of my sight. Remarkably this phobia does not rear its ugly head when I listen to the demo. Yet there's plenty of punk in the music. All song are less than three minutes short. Of course you can hear the characteristic short riffs in every song. These punky parts are combined with thrash and hardcore. Agression drips from all songs and the demo sounds old-fashioned in the right way. (...) Don't expect highly technical songs, hyper guitar solos or other whims. No, this demo can do very well without.
- BirhoffBlast (September 2004)


Utrecht band Nuestros Derechos (meaning "Our Rights") brings us thrash with a large dosis hardcore. A style I appreciate pretty much, as well as the music Nuestros Derechos deliver. Their three songs, the fourth on this demo is an accoustic outro, might have a better production, yet they charm me. (...) When you love thrash/hardcore from the late eighties, Nuestros Derechos is definitely worth while checking out, provided that you aren't bothered with a slightly rough sound. Surf to their web site, where their demo can be downloaded for free!
- (August 2004)


Hailing from Utrecht (NL) are those three guys, and with this demo (also completely available on the Internet) they let us know that cross over is more alive than ever before. The thrash core they play is fast and aggressive with hardcore and metal in an ultimate mix. First band that popped into my mind was D.R.I., so check these three great songs and the acoustic outro and judge for yourself.
- Inside Knowledge Zine (July 2004)


It’s been quite awhile of hearing band straight from Netherlands and this demo is severely insane thrash/hardcore bastards, mixing punk influence. Am I talking about the Slayer’s 'Undisputed Attitude'? Nah! It’s Nuestros Derechos, they do their own style that blow my brains out every time I am drunk! With an accoustic instrumental track that sounds like ballad? But kicks mother fuckers ass! You betta check this out, aaaiiight???!!!!
- Corix, No Bullshit Zine, Philippines


I found this Dutch band on some links page, and I am fucking glad I did! Thrashcore not unlike later-period D.R.I. and Nuclear Assault, with some Germanic thrash influence would sum up the band's sound, although they have a sound entirely their own. They talk of the free distribution of music and spreading theirs around liberally, so you know they're down with the underground ethics. Plus, they were kind enough to send me a patch with the CD. Fuck, that was cool of them! I think my favorite song on here is "Storm of Progress" which almost has an old Kreator feel to it. This is a band any thrash fan should actively seek out and buy the demo, because it's this sort of band that really needs and most of all wants it. Thrash on!


I've downloaded the demo already and I love it! Total thrash attack.
- Andrew Parrish, CULT 'zine


This band from Utrecht sounds pretty original because of their sound similar to the mid-eighties when the word 'cross-over' did not leave a bad taste in your mouth. (...) The three tracks, including the beautiful "Het Wijnglas" (The Wine Glass) promise good times for this Utrecht cross-over band.
- Aardschok (Issue 3, March 2004)


This Utecht trashcore trio decide to spread their music by anyone interested. You can dowload their complete demo, including lay-out. They certainly made something original with limited means, but the music is far from good.
- (March 2004)


After an instrumental intro with accoustic guitar the band switched to what they play best: whipping up fast thrash metal with hardcore punk influences. (...) Also because the tight breaks, their stage presentation (men in kilts! check it out!) and the joy that clearly reflected from the sweaty musicians, the more than sixty minutes gig was over too soon.
- (February 2004)


Three thrashmetal-oriented tracks and an accoustic outro is what you get when you slide this demo in your cd player. Short but intense.


With three excellent tracks on this demo I can add only one thing: let's hope they don't wait too long with a full length because I want more!


(...) The Dutch Thrashcore/Crossover band Nuestros Derechos, a three piece group that plays an a succesfull mixture of Hardcore Punk and hard-as nails Thrash metal. The three tracks on this demo display an allmost forgotten combination of extreme voilent thrashing with hardcore speeds. It sounds promising, with a good vocalist, mister Jerry Herrie Derechos ripping the songs together. (...) Not extremely original, not the new S.O.D. or D.R.I. , but just a talented band with a promising and anger fueled agressive demo.


A band that plays not even a ballad below 140 beats per minute deserves to be promoted to the next round.
- Jury of band competition "Het Geheim van StarSound" (StarSound's Secret), November 2003


Nuestros Derechos surprised me completely, they've progressed very much in comparison to the last time I saw them live. It sounded much tighter and had much more groove. Keep on going, guys!
- Josje, De Pit (September 2003)


(...) One of the craziest bands I've heard in a while. They are a thrash-core band from Utrecht, Netherlands and they blew me away. Nuestros Derechos is their name and playing some kick ass old-school punk/metal fusion is their game. (...) They will be appearing on the upcoming compilation and I hopefully will release an E.P or something by them, because these guys are fabulous.
- James, Insurgency Records